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Gig mindsetters interacting, inventing and investing in the present & the future

Members are people who are part of the bold new breed of gig mindsetters, non-conformists and unconventional employees. They are motivated to bring change – within themselves, inside their organizations and in the world. 

They differ from others in their behaviors and thinking. They dare to challenge the status quo. They take initiatives and assume responsibility. They often make people around them uncomfortable. They bring unrecognized but essential value to their organization and enrich their personal context.

(I wrote a book about them and have a podcast.)

Bold New Breed Community is a private space, open by invitation only. It is a place of trust and confidentiality. Members do not share – in any form – the stories, comments and conversations that take place here.

After reading this page, click the  Request to Join button above or use the link at the bottom of this page to contact Jane McConnell directly.

Why Should You Join ?

To meet, interact and share with like-minded people in topic circles or in regular, private Zoom sessions.
Zoom sessions are arranged on specific topics among members, and sometimes with external guests. We organize them when and how we wish.
Topic circles let you share experiences, ask questions and interact around the questions below:

How can you join ?

Click the button "Request to Join" at the top of this page or contact Jane McConnell, host of the community, on the contact page of the website Bold New Breed where you can also listen to podcast episodes and learn about the book the Gig Mindset Advantage.

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